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Diabetes in Jacksonville FL


Type II Diabetes

Also known as Adult Onset, or Diabetes Mellitus, Type II is by far the most common form of this disease (over 90% of all diabetics). It has now reached pandemic proportions, as over 360 million people worldwide were affected as of 2010 and the number of new cases continues to rise dramatically each year. In 1960, there were “only” 30 million such cases.

It is now somewhat misleading to label this as “Adult Onset”, as children as young as 7 years of age are receiving this diagnosis. This was almost unheard of less than 3 decades ago. What is driving this alarming situation? To be sure, there seems To be a possible genetic and racial component, but, this is nothing new. What has changed-significantly-in the last few decades is the alarming rate of obesity. Unfortunately, our children are not excluded from this grim fact and they (we) are paying the price, in more ways than one. Children who are overweight have a significantly greater
chance of becoming-and remaining-obese adults and they will suffer many of the health problems that are attributable to this problem, not the least of which is a shorter life-expectancy of 10 years.

What is the link between obesity and Type II Diabetes? The simple answer is the excessive intake of simple carbohydrates, i.e., “junk” food. These “foods”, which are high in simple sugars are broken down in the liver as follows: some is retained as sugar, which is utilized as energy, some is stored in the liver as sugar for future energy requirements and the rest is stored as fat. If the amount of sugar that is released into the blood stream from the liver is excessive, it can cause an overreaction by the pancreas, which then over-secretes insulin. This causes sugar to be pulled too quickly from the bllod, which then causes low blood sugar (i.e., hypoglycemia). Eventually, the pancreas will be unable to respond effectively to this abuse and the excess sugar will remain within the blood stream.

Just a few of the more common symptoms of Diabetes are:

  • excessive thirst
  • pain, tingling or numbness in feet, legs or hands
  • frequent urination
  • unusual weight loss
  • kidney failure
  • blurred vision

Unlike many other terrible diseases that affect humans, this one is not only largely preventable, but, is highly treatable and in many cases, is actually reversible. This is not something to just “manage” and it does not have to cut short your life. For more information as to how we may be able to help you, call us today at (904) 260-1993. I look forward to helping you!

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